Introductory Speech

Dear colleagues and friends,

Facial Plastic Surgery is one of the fastest evolving and broadest medical specialities reaching from the bone marrow of the skull to the epidermis of the neck. It utilizes all kinds of plastic, esthetic and reconstructive techniques, from minor outpatients touch ups to rebuilding bony and cartilaginous structures of the head. It deals with congenital deformities, acquired defects and the inescapable signs of aging. Facial Plastic Surgery is built on function, but reaches out far beyond this into quality of life in children and their parents, adolescents and the growing aging population.

The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, founded decades ago as the Joseph-Society , renamed and reorganized during the last 10 years, takes the responsibility for education, research and professional communication within the European Community and abroad, bringing members from more than 50 countries from all over the world together. It is the umbrella of many national and regional organizations encouraging the professional development of Facial Plastic Surgery in the variety of local and national health structures. The next annual Congress of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery will be held in Duesseldorf from September 24th through 28th 2008. Many highly qualified facial plastic surgeons and internationally well-known authorities have agreed to present their experiences and share their ideas with us. We cordially invite you to ...

... COME to Düsseldorf
one of Europe's centers for fashion and modern lifestyle, offering exciting opportunities to spend time with your friends and family beyond the congress

... LEARN from experience
by joining the lectures of our most distinguished teachers, by discussing the pros and cons of new techniques with your colleagues and by listening to the challenging innovations of our most dynamic young colleagues

... REAP the benefits
and take home new ideas and stimulating energy for your profession.

My colleagues of the program committee and I will be happy to meet you in Duesseldorf 2008 for one of the most comprehensive congresses on Facial Plastic Surgery in Europe.

Ralf Siegert
Congress President 2008 European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery